Restaurant & Bar

Est. 2021


Mediterranean cuisine on ember

The idea is simple: to cook tasty dishes, with classic techniques, smoked on the grill, colorful, inventive, local products and a cosmopolitan gastronomy, in short, Mediterranean Cuisine with an Atlantic vocation. Everything is prepared on the spot and in a completely open kitchen, in a red-hot oven.

Calçada Ferragial, 09 -  Misericórdia - Lisboa - Portugal


Barbecue with Fresh and Seasonal Products

The Bono Restaurant's proposal consists of a "casual dining", a completely handmade meal in an intimate space, where the open kitchen invites to know the chef's suggestions with their aromas of food cooked on wood, with textures and flavor of barbecue.

With proximity to our suppliers, we offer the best products available every day.

Contacto: (+351)937 141 859